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NoRoUn1 Script

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If you don't have NR now you can find it here. 

Rovodex Rocket 1.1 or search the web for "novodex rocket 1.1 download"

In NR you can build scenes by writing scripts. Annoyingly its not easy if you don't know how.It took me some time to build a script that can be used by erveryone. Of course you can do much much more cool things with NR but for now try my script. I hope you like it.


What can be done with it?

Overall: change your viewpoint; build a "city"; drop bombs on it.


in details:

            to change your point of view
            (there is a block of six numbers. The first three numbers describe

            your position, the other numbers
            describe the point you are looking at. You can change all that in the

            scene, but this may take a long time)
dropping of bombs:
bombs are comprised of merged balls
there are 4 in an square for better explosions
you can change:
            Position of bomb
            Balls in a Bomb (pay attention this value duplicating 4 times)
            Number of Bombs (ATTENTION this potentiate with ball in each bomb.

            please mind this)
            Distance between Bombs in X and Y
            level between bombs
            radius of bomb balls
            mass of the bombs
            speed of bomb in X,Y and Z before explosion
            fuse for the bomb (for example to spark it in the air) please play with

            this to get a feeling for it
City (Buildings)
            starting position for buildings
            size of bricks for the buildings (variable)
            buildings are variable in wide and length
            buildings can have floors (I also made a kind of core for better stability

            and higher buildings)
            define the high of floors
            define the number of floors
            buildings can have different numbers of floors
            make skyscrapers
            define how often skyscrapers appear
            number of buildings in X
            number of buildings in Y
            distance between buildings
            make spire or masts for the buildings (variable)
            mass of the building (each higher floor will be lighter)

 the bricks of the buildings will change their colour automatically by time
(my influences is limited here)


            Download Novodex Rocket and install normally.
            Got to the installation directory and search for the "lua" directory
            copy the script into the lua directory
            start Novodex Rocket
            click the Scripts button or click "F6" key
            search for the script under "Physics Scripts"
            start it.
            Tipp: To edit the script the windows notepad is not the best tool.
            I use notepad++ for better survey its freeware.



See a sample video what happend if you run the script. Believe me there are thousands of other opportunities you have.


Novodex Rocket Underground Download 1
Here you are. Please download and try the script. Unpack and save file to your Novodex Rocket "LUA" folder. Comments are welcome. Have fun.
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Please come to the forum if you have any questions, suggestion, ideas or what ever. I would be delighted to ... :)

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